Beautiful WordPress Portfolio Themes for Beautiful Portfolios

Beautiful WordPress Portfolio Themes for Beautiful Portfolios

Artists, freelancers, authors, even regular white-collars… Sometime, somewhere, we need to (or will need to) showcase our careers, our works. The best way of doing it is building a website. And the best way of building a website is using WordPress as the CMS. And the best way of using WordPress in our case is installing WordPress portfolio themes.

But there are tons of portfolio themes designed and developed for WordPress. Which one is the best? Certainly, there is no “best of the best theme” for anyone and everyone. You need to review your options. And that’s what we’re going to do today: Review some of the best WordPress portfolio themes.

Let’s begin!

Notio: A Lovely Portfolio Theme from Us!

WordPress portfolio themes: Notio

Here it is, one of the best themes we’ve ever made in Fuel Themes.

Notio is a lightweight, yet good-looking WordPress theme with a unique portfolio styling. Go ahead, check out the demo and see for yourself, I’ll wait. When you see the awesome masonry layouts, the grid portfolio or the awesome parallax portfolio, you’ll be convinced that this is one of the best portfolio themes ever, created for WordPress. Ever.

Still, check out the other themes as well.

Timeline: A Free Portfolio Theme with a Timeline

WordPress portfolio themes: Timeline

If you need to showcase your work or progress with a slick timeline, then Timeline is the right theme for you. Its main feature is a great-looking vertical timeline, which you can show off your posts, works, projects and services. Anything, really.

And, well, it’s free. Doesn’t hurt to try it out.

Vertex: An “Elegant” Portfolio Theme

WordPress portfolio themes: Vertex

Good ol’ Elegant Themes.

Elegant Themes is one of the oldest WordPress theme companies in the whole WordPress ecosystem. And Vertex is a three years old child of it. Even though it’s an old theme, it certainly doesn’t show its age, at all. As for many of Elegant Themes’s works, it looks sharp, neat and a solid choice for your next portfolio.

Widely: A Free, Nostalgic Portfolio Theme

WordPress portfolio themes: Widely

Speaking of old-looking themes…

Never mind my dark sense of humor: “Old” doesn’t mean “bad” in any language. “Dead” is. And if a design still lives after all the years have passed, and not “dead”, you can’t deny that it’s a great design.

Widely has one of those “oldie but goldie” sense of design. It’s solid, it’s on the spot and it looks extremely familiar. Perfect for people who wants to showcase their work without getting adventurous.

Hatch: A Free Theme for Photographers

WordPress portfolio themes: Hatch

Some photographs need to be shown well. This theme shows photographs well.

It doesn’t have full-viewport widths, it doesn’t have parallax effects, it doesn’t have animations. What Hatch has is reliability in its design. It looks professional and performs great in mobile devices, too.


While I can’t deny that there are hundreds, maybe thousands of alternatives in WordPress portfolio themes, I believe these five gems look great as a theme and this post serves as a “diverse” team of themes.

What do you think about these themes, or portfolio themes as a whole? Share your thoughts with us in the Comments section below. And thanks for reading!

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