This Month in WordPress: June 2016

This Month in WordPress: June 2016

June was an okay month for WordPress, with a few news stories, a whole lot of tutorials and a giant WordCamp (Europe)! It was mostly enjoyable, so I’ll give this month 7 out of 10. Why? Because why not.

Without further ado, let’s begin! As always, I’ll start off with news.

WordPress News

Jetpack launches its own code reference site. Nice. I’ve always wondered how I can extend Jetpack.

The feature plugin “Shiny Updates” have officially been proposed for merge, and after some debate, approved for partial merge.

WordPress 4.5.3 have been released as a “maintenance update”.

Also, BuddyPress 2.6 have been released.

Also WordPress for Android 5.5.

The WordPress Plugin Directory is getting a major makeover! And the public BETA is open for you to check out.

WordCamp Europe, yay! You can watch the recorded livestreams here or have a look at the highlights of Matt Mullenweg’s Q&A here (also watch the whole thing).

Opinion Pieces

Not a lot of opinion posts this month, but they’re good ones.

Tom McFarlin talks about “employee benefits for WordPress developers“. I wonder why nobody else thought of this.

Tom Ewer has a few ideas for revenue models using the WordPress REST API.

Brad Touesnard from Delicious Brains argues that your clients should have their own plugin licenses, instead of your developer license. Brad’s a great plugin developer, by the way.

Want to convince stubborn clients that think WordPress is “bad” or “not cool enough”? You can shot them or you can make a case for WordPress with the help of this post by Brenda Barron or this post by Tom Ewer.

WordPress Plugins, Themes & Tools

A listicle from Jenni McKinnon about 25 popular WordPress plugins and the reason of their popularity.

Psst… want to make money with WordPress? Here’s an article about monetizing your WordPress website. (I think our guide was better though.)

I know that there are photographers reading our blog. Here’s a list of photography themes. Why didn’t they list TwoFold, you ask? I’m thinking Illuminati. It can’t be anything else, because TwoFold is clearly way more awesome.

Two developers have released two extensions for making it easier to develop WordPress in two different code editors: Ahmad Awais did Sublime Text and Chris Wilcoxson did Atom. Awesome work, guys.

WordPress Tutorials

Here’a list of common WordPress problems and their solutions.

Here’s a really, really awesome guide to caching in WordPress.

Related to that, here’s a comprehensive guide to speeding up WordPress in general.

Interested in securing your website’s connection? This tutorial on WordPress & SSL/TLS will help you.

One of my favorite WordPress instructors, Rachel McCollin, shares a complete guide on planning, building and launching a WordPress website.

When you attend first WordCamp in the future, this will be your guide to it.

Did you know that there are BILLIONS OF PEOPLE WHO DON’T SPEAK ENGLISH? That’s right. So, make sure you internationalize your website.

Raelene Morey shared a “super cheat sheet” for WordPress developers.


Did you read these posts, did you like them? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below. And thanks for reading!

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