This Month in WordPress: July 2016

This Month in WordPress: July 2016

Another month has passed and here we are, at the new “This Month of WordPress” issue. It was a good month with lots of new steps towards WordPress 4.6 and some more exciting news, and a set of great tutorials.

Let’s begin, shall we?

WordPress News

WordPress 4.6 versions Beta 2, Beta 3, Beta 4 and Release Candidate were released.

Don’t know what to expect from WordPress 4.6? Torque’s got you covered. WPBeginner has even screenshots.

Last month (June ’16), WordCamp Europe 2016 were held, and it was a hit. Torque has the highlights, and WP Tavern says videos were uploaded to (Check them out!)

And “A Week of REST” by Human Made is on its way (5-9 September). Want to go, but short on funds? You can apply for a scholarship.

The last news story is about Android users: WordPress for Android 5.6 is out with a new screen to invite users, and expands the “Reader” screen with related posts.

Opinion Pieces

We’ve read just a few opinion posts from the community this July:

PS: I’m not sure if this can be considered an “opinion piece”, but Tom Ewer also has a listicle called “5 Core WordPress Features That You Should Use More Often“.

WordPress Plugins, Themes & Tools

We’ve got more of those listicles here, as plugin round ups:

And in other “tools”, we have:

  • WP Safe Updates plugin to test plugin updates in a “sandbox”.
  • WP-CLI GUI to work on WP-CLI with a graphical user interface.
  • And the Disable Blogging plugin to disable everything related to blogging in WordPress.

WordPress Tutorials

Let’s start with an interesting one: WPMU DEV has a guide for introverts to survive WordCamps. Neat!

Maintaining your WordPress website isn’t that hard, but it requires discipline. WP Lift has a “101” lesson about it.

Locked out of wp-admin? WP Kube explains how to get your admin panel back.

Changing your whole URL structure may hurt your website’s SEO… or not. Here’s a tutorial on changing your permalinks without killing your SERP ranks.

WordPress developers have to know about WP_Query. If you’re new to WordPress development, you should check out this guide to learn about WP_Query.

Speaking of things to learn about in WordPress development, WP Shout has a tutorial about the “template hierarchy” in WordPress.

WPMU DEV shared a huge guide about securing your WordPress website. It even has a downloadable PDF checklist.


Which one is your favorite in this month’s issue? Do you think I missed to mention something important? The “Comments” section below is at your disposal.

And thanks for reading! Don’t forget to share this post if you liked it.

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