4 Tricks for a Better WordPress Blog

4 Tricks for a Better WordPress Blog

In this golden era of the internet, blogs are one of the most important sources of information across the globe. Not only they are among the most efficient ways to publish content, but they also present the written information in probably the easiest method of consumption.

But having a Lamborghini doesn’t mean anything unless you have a key, some fuel, a suitable road, or a decent driver. That’s why you need to better yourself in order to better your blog. In this tutorial, I’m going to share four of the best ways to have a better WordPress blog.

1. Make it look good

Have you ever been in a website that looks like rubbish? No matter how great the content is, you won’t build an audience with mediocre design. You need to have a stunning website.

As Fuel Themes, it’s our job to make our customers’ websites look spectacular. That’s why we created so many great WordPress themes. If you’re looking for a premium theme for your blog, I can suggest Skillful, The Voux, and GoodLife among our themes. If you’re looking for something simpler, you can check out the free themes of one of my favorite web designers: Anders Norén.

2. Write great content

Have you ever been in a website that’s content is rubbish? No matter how great the website looks, you won’t even have a decent set of visitors with mediocre content. You need to have great content.

The paragraph above looks familiar, doesn’t it? Yes, design and content go hand in hand for better blogs. But, as a content creator for over 10 years, I’m a little biased and I say content is just a bit more important than design. After all, the phrase “content is king” still stands true in almost everywhere on the web.

3. Use social media wisely

Social media is a great way to share your content, or spam your followers. Yes, there’s a fine line between sharing and spamming; so you should act wisely on social media.

You might have come across with the following “social sharing plan”, made by the guys at CoSchedule:


This is one of the simplest and most efficient roadmaps for scheduling your published content. And this is just the basic idea–you can tamper with it to fit your blog’s needs. Maybe post to Instagram instead of LinkedIn. Maybe skip Google+ altogether. Your call.

Final note on social media: Don’t forget to talk to your followers. Conversations turn into conversions. You can even turn your followers into “brand ambassadors” who, willingly and for free, share your content and talk about your blog everywhere. Take care of your followers.

4. Create a newsletter to grow your following

You know what converts even better than social media? Emails. Why? Because nobody has the time to read all the timelines in their social media homepages, but they’ll make time for reading all their emails. Granted, not everyone achieves “inbox zero”, but it’s still a better plan to send emails along with publishing on social media.

I know two awesome competitors on collecting emails from visitors and turning them into email subscribers: OptinMonster and Icegram. OptinMonster is certainly more popular, but Icegram has a very convincing page that they can provide more features than OptinMonster. (Also, Icegram has a free version.)

As for sending emails, I always liked MailChimp, but you can check out its competitors like Campaign Monitor, SendinBlue or MailerLite.


Despite its slight decline, blogs are still one of the most important “content machines” on the web, which attracts thousands (if not millions) of visitors. Thus, building a better WordPress blog in your niche and in your language could even make you money.

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