12 One Page Themes for WordPress to Consider in 2016

12 One Page Themes for WordPress to Consider in 2016

For the last couple of years, one page (or single-page) websites came into fashion and they’ve been extremely popular–and still are. Naturally, theme developers (including us) made many, many one page themes for WordPress. In 2016, we have tens, maybe hundreds of good looking one page WordPress themes.

We figured that we might share a couple of them with you. Or twelve.

Credenza: One of Our Best Work, Ever

WordPress One Page Themes: Credenza

Naturally, our choice of “the best one-page WordPress theme” is Credenza, one of our own themes and one of our best themes.

From retina-ready graphics to one-click installation, Credenza has many options that aren’t usually provided with WordPress themes. And the best part is, Credenza is all Visual Composer-ready, meaning that you can even make AJAX-powered portfolios with Visual Composer. If you’re interested, go ahead and check out one of the four demos, or all of them.

Side-note for front-end developers: We’ve included Sass and Grunt files in the theme. How cool is that?

Zerif Pro: Definitely looks professional

WordPress One Page Themes: Zerif Pro

We might have made one of the best one page themes for WordPress, but that doesn’t mean that all the others are crap. Zerif Pro is another good example, even though it lacks better animation options (for my taste, of course).

Single Page: Free theme, neat features, very generic name

WordPress One Page Themes: Single Page

Single Page is probably one of the coolest-looking free themes out there. Maybe it could have had a better name, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good theme. It’s worth checking out, or even trying out.

Meeting: Great for any events and gatherings

WordPress One Page Themes: Meeting

Here’s a well-named theme! “Meeting” is a nice theme, packed with features which you can use in your next event’s website.

Starter: Because you need to start somewhere

WordPress One Page Themes: Starter

Here’s another good-looking and free single-page WordPress theme. While it doesn’t have many features, it’s definitely worth a shot.

Cafe Elements: Not just for coffee shops, of course

WordPress One Page Themes: Cafe Elements

…okay, maybe coffee shops are this theme’s niche. But you’ll probably be all right using it for, say, a tea house? It’s a thing in many countries, you know.


Landing Page: A conversion-booster

WordPress One Page Themes: Landing Page

Did you know that one-page websites are derived from landing pages? I’m not 100% sure, but it has to be.

You: We like some competition

WordPress One Page Themes: You

You is another theme from ThemeForest that has a nice touch in design. Could’ve better load times, though. Whatever, it has nice typography and I liked it.

Parallax One: Simple, elegant and free

WordPress One Page Themes: Parallax One

Hey, how about another free theme? This one has all the “must-have” features, and it looks great on mobile.

Daylight: Colorful and delightful

WordPress One Page Themes: Daylight

I liked this theme’s colorfulness, more than any other feature. Absolutely loved the gradients. Fonts could have been larger though.

One Page: The one that you can find on Google

WordPress One Page Themes: One Page

I’m not kidding: If you Google “one page wordpress theme”, this one pops up in the first page. Besides of being free, it has a killer feature: It utilizes the Customizer panel from WordPress core!

One Paze: Nominee for “Most Original Name Award”

WordPress One Page Themes: One Paze

I’m kidding, this is not a good name. Not at all. The design is okay, though.

That’s it for our “one page themes” list!

Are you a fan of one page websites? If so, how do you like these WordPress themes? If not, why? Share your thoughts with us!

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