This Month in WordPress: September 2016

This Month in WordPress: September 2016

Finally, summer’s over! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love summer, but there were so few articles out there that I had a hard time choosing the best ones. This month, there were a lot more of WordPress news, tools, views and guides and I’m glad that now I have to pick the best among all those posts.

Anyways… Let’s begin, shall we?

WordPress News

WordPress 4.6.1 is out — The update includes some maintenance and security fixes. Hit that Update button.

High Risk XSS Vulnerability Discovered in W3 Total Cache Plugin — Thankfully, it’s already been patched. Don’t forget to update, if you haven’t!

Jetpack 4.3 Released, Features New React.js-Powered Admin Interface — Looks really cool and feels very fast, I have to say.

San José, Costa Rica to Host Its First WordCamp November 5-6 — Exciting news for our Costa Rican friends!

Review Signal Publishes 2016 WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks — It’s an extensive list, you better check it out if you’re interested in changing hosts.

Opinion Pieces

Surprisingly, there were a lot of “view” posts this month. Let’s check ’em out:

Improving the User Experience by Rearranging the WordPress Post Editor — Jeff Chandler reviews and talks about the UX of WordPress’s post editor.

WordPress Requests and Our Responsibility — Tom McFarlin shares his view, as a developer, about WordPress requests.

The State Of WordPress In Education — An important article from Emily Schiola on WordPress and its use in academic web.

Is Removing the Fact Fact That You Use WordPress Helpful? — Ahmad Awais shares his opinion about securing WordPress by hiding the existence of it.

How Important Is Multilingualism in WordPress — A fantastic article by Nevena Tomovic about WordPress in global.

Insights From WordPress Entrepreneurs — Perhaps the best opinion piece of this month. The title says it all.

WordPress Plugins & Tools

Stay Away from Your Theme’s functions.php File! — Ooh, that’s us!

Lessons Learned from My First Commercial WordPress Plugin — An interesting article about a commercial plugin’s liftoff story.

Niche vs Multipurpose Themes – Which One Is Best for Your Project — A nice comparison of niche and multi-purpose themes. My take: Niche themes is always a bit better, if you don’t really have “multiple purposes” for your website.

Snowbird: A Free WordPress Theme for Bloggers and Storytellers — I have to say, I really liked this theme. Great typography.

Improving WordPress Resource Requests — Tom McFarlin shares a neat plugin called WP Enqueue Masher. Check it out if you’re into optimization.

WordPress Tutorials

Command-Line WordPress — Maybe a bit advanced, but it’s a good read.

Changing Your WordPress Database Prefix to Improve Security — A must-read on WordPress security. vs Differences, Pros & Cons — A nice comparison between the two.

How to Permanently Delete a WordPress Site from the Internet — I think this article deserves a “best post title” award.

Fixing the “Are You Sure You Want to Do This” Error in WordPress — One of the most annoying errors, in my opinion.

WordPress Admin Area Security Best Practices — A great security round-up by Ahmad Awais.

How to Get Your WordPress Site Indexed By Google Quickly — A good tutorial about WordPress and SEO.

How to Add Your WordPress Blog to Apple News — Didn’t know it was easy like that.


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