WordPress Education Themes in 2016: 8 Great Examples

WordPress Education Themes in 2016: 8 Great Examples

Maybe you don’t see many education websites on the web, but it’s actually really common: Almost all universities in the world, lots of high schools and many private institutions around the world have websites of their own, not to mention e-learning websites. Granted, majority of these organizations use Drupal, but WordPress is also a great competitor in education websites. Because we’re always rooting for WordPress, we’re going to go ahead and list some WordPress education themes, whether for universities or private institutions or even “learning management systems”.

Let’s get to it!

1. Education Pack
WordPress Education Themes: Education Pack

I want to refer to this theme as “a hidden gem”. But it’s only a month old, so it’s not going to stay hidden, I think.

Education Pack, with only around 150 sales, has way more features than your average education theme–hence, the name “pack”. It has Visual Builder and Customizer controls like any other theme, but it also has unique features like bookmarking and comparing courses, a clean codebase and support for all languages around the world (including non-Latin, RTL alphabets).

2. High School Promotion

WordPress Education Themes: High School Promotion

Template Monster is one of the oldest theme shops in the world. But the High School Promotion theme looks pretty new to me.

Although, the features look a bit, um, bland. “Responsive. Widgetized. Parallax. SEO.” These are all “must-haves” in a theme, not unique features.

But I hear Cherry Framework work wonders. If you want to give it a shot, give it a shot. And let me know.

3. Education Pro

WordPress Education Themes: Education Pro

Education Pro is a theme for education companies. It doesn’t have a learning management system (LMS) built into it, instead it has a professional-looking design with lots of layouts you can choose from.

StudioPress is another “big-shot” in the industry of premium WordPress themes, and their themes usually satisfy their users fully.

4. Dreamy

WordPress Education Themes: Dreamy

This one already reveals its purpose from the screenshot: Dreamy is a WordPress theme for kindergartens.

It’s a pretty “playful” theme, as Themes Kingdom defines. And it offers all the features a kindergarten website would need.

5. School

WordPress Education Themes: School

“School” is another WordPress education theme designed with kids in mind, by MyThemeShop.

And I must say, even though it has a very dull name, it looks better than I expected. And I love the fact that they shared the “Theme Options” panel page by page in the demo.

6. Caresland

WordPress Education Themes: Caresland

My last choice of “kindergarten” themes is Caresland, with a simple but “fun” design for parents that just need to visit your website.

7. Foundation

WordPress Education Themes: Foundation

Foundation is a professional-looking theme from Academia Themes, which is a theme shop making themes specifically for educational institutions.

It won’t be a great fit for online courses, probably, but it’s perfect for institutes.

8. Pack College

WordPress Education Themes: Park College

Our last theme on this list just looks great.

And it’s packed with features, too: It has a custom post type for courses, and another for events. This makes Park College a great fit for universities or small institutes.

Concluding Our List of WordPress Education Themes

How do you like these themes, did you find anything that suits your needs? Or, have you found another theme that, you think, should have been in this list? Share your comments down below. And if you liked the article, don’t forget to share it with your colleagues.

Thanks for reading!

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