Werkstatt: Our New WordPress Portfolio Theme

Werkstatt: Our New WordPress Portfolio Theme

Hey everyone! We’ve just released a new WordPress portfolio theme called Werkstatt, and we think this is one of our best work, ever.

In this article, I’m going to review and introduce the theme. It’s going to be written in three parts: an introduction to the theme (and how we made it), the awesome demos for you to see, and the features that makes our theme one of the best portfolio themes in the WordPress ecosystem.

Buckle up!

A New WordPress Portfolio Theme with a New State of Mind

Now, let’s get one thing straight: There. Are. A. Lot. Of. Portfolio. Themes. So many that you can’t choose from one over another. Even we have more than one! (Our previous portfolio theme is Notio–and she’s a beauty, too.)

But with this theme, Werkstatt, we wanted to do something different. We wanted to make something original. We needed a state of mind. A mind of an artist. And artists love change.

So, we went with bold colors. Bold typography. Brave visuality. Daring sound effects. We went all the way.

Using this theme will not be like any other “install-a-theme-and-customize-it” experience. You will embrace the theme, internalize the features, and you will work on it like you’re working on an art project.

And you will love it.

Unique & Beautiful Demos for Different Tastes

Werkstatt: Our New WordPress Portfolio Theme

We always choose to strive for excellence, but the word “excellence” can mean different for different people. So, we define “excellence” multiple times, with multiple demos.

For this theme, we made a whopping 18 unique demos, all for unique tastes. In the demo homepage, you can try out each one to see which one will fit your needs the best. We don’t doubt that you’ll love at least one of them, but we think that you’ll like all of them.

And remember: All these demos are available for you to import with a single click! If you want, you can import the demo and then edit the pages to make a great website out of it.

Exciting New Features for Your Website

As I said above, Werkstatt is not like any other theme. As a new WordPress portfolio theme with a new state of mind, there are features you are yet to come across, as well as all the traditional awesomeness you’re used to in modern WordPress themes. Here are some of the highlights:

Pre-made Portfolio detail pages and blog styles: We worked hard on this theme. Really hard. So hard that we now have portfolio detail pages and blog styles more than any other WordPress portfolio theme! Don’t forget to check ’em out in the demo.

Unique hover effects and menu designs: Nowadays, it’s hard to impress visitors. Thankfully, we have more and more tricks up in our sleeves! With the hover effects and different menu designs included in your new theme, it won’t be hard to make a visitor a future-client.

Sound effects: Yes, you heard me correctly. If you want to dazzle your future-clients, you can turn on the sound effects.

WooCommerce compatibility: When we first launched our theme, the most popular feature request was adding compatibility for WooCommerce. We listened to our users and done it… in one week.

Drag & drop page builder: We included the most popular (and the most familiar) drag & drop page builder, Visual Composer, bundled with the theme so you don’t have to purchase it separately.

More awesomeness: The features go on–700+ SVG icons, thousands of web fonts, WPML integration, optimization for speed and search engines, smooth animations everywhere, multiple footer styles, bundled PSD files, readiness for Retina screens, 24/7 high-quality support… And we will continue updating the theme, so rest assured, there will be more awesomeness!


We’ve put so much work on Werkstatt, and we believe this is not only one of our best work, but also one of the best new WordPress portfolio theme in ThemeForest! And we’re so grateful that people who purchase the theme agree.

What do you think about this theme of ours? Do you have any criticism, or some love to share? Shoot your comments in the Comments box below. We’d like to know what you think.

And thanks for reading!

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