WordPress Sports Themes: 10 Examples to “Fit” Your Needs

WordPress Sports Themes: 10 Examples to “Fit” Your Needs

Sports in general is a surprisingly large business area, earning billions of dollars across the globe. And sports companies need websites too, you know. So, we decided to round up some WordPress sports themes for you to check out.

Without further introduction, let’s begin! (Sorry for the “punny” title. I couldn’t resist.)

1. Sensei: Perfect for martial arts schools

WordPress Sports Themes: sensei

Hiyah! Sensei is a very good-looking theme for a martial arts school website. Along with TemplateMonster’s drag & drop page builder and countless modules, it has an “appointment manager”, “timetables” and custom widgets. Hadouken!

2. Credenza: One-page goodness for everyone, from Fuel Themes

WordPress Sports Themes: credenza

If you’re into sports, and make a sports website, you don’t have to search for “WordPress sports themes” on Google. Our own theme, Credenza, is a one-page WordPress theme that’s perfectly capable for representing a company that sells sports products, for example. Or you can create a sports event and make a website for that event, with Credenza. How does that sound?

3. Sportify: An awesome theme for awesome gyms

WordPress Sports Themes: sportify

As I said, we love sports in Fuel Themes. Nearly all members of our team are also members of various gyms and fitness clubs. And those gyms and fitness clubs would love a website like you can build with Sportify. (I have to say, its name reminds me of another brand called Spotify, hehe.)

4. Splash: For the most popular sport around the world

WordPress Sports Themes: splash

I’m not sure, but I think basketball is the most popular sport in the world. And for a good reason: It’s one of the most exciting sports of all time!

Thus, Splash could be the “go-to theme” for all basketball fans out there.

5. CarRacing: It’s a real sport, you know!

WordPress Sports Themes: carracing

Who thought car racing is a good idea to make a WordPress theme out of it? InkThemes, apparently, and they did a pretty damn good job on the CarRacing theme!

6. Olympic: Body builders “like” this

WordPress Sports Themes: olympic

CSS Igniter has always been a “classy” theme shop, as I can see. And as an “amateur” body-builder, I feel that Olympic is a theme that I’d like to see on my gym’s website.

7. Real Soccer: Shut up or you’ll get the red card!

WordPress Sports Themes: realsoccer

Hey. Remember when I said basketball might be the most popular sport around the world? Scratch that.

Even though I don’t call this game “soccer” (We call it “football”, because it’s the original game that people play with their feet.), I warmed up to the theme when I visited its demo. Check it out, you won’t be sorry.

8. MediaPhase: A multi-purpose for a single purpose

WordPress Sports Themes: mediaphase

Multi-purpose themes shouldn’t be the first choice of web designers, because sacrificing page performance to get a full-featured bulky theme isn’t the best practice, but MediaPhase looks like a fast theme that already has a lot of features to offer. And I can see one could make a great sports-related website with it.

9. DailySports: Sports news don’t have to be boring

WordPress Sports Themes: dailysports

Most news websites look just like the next one. But DailySports doesn’t! With a wide range of different design templates, this theme could be the answer to your “I can’t find an original-looking magazine theme” problem.

10. Xtreme Sports: For adrenalin junkies

WordPress Sports Themes: xtreme

Don’t you feel the adrenalin rushing in your veins, just looking at the amazing screenshot? That’s just one of the many pages of Xtreme Sports!


In Fuel Themes, we care about sports. No joke: Every single one in our team enjoys at least one sports event–mostly fitness and body building, or basketball. So, we thought it would be a good idea to gather up some WordPress sports themes for you.

How did you like these themes? Which one is your favorite? (I hope it’s Credenza!) Share your thoughts in the Comments box below. And thanks for reading!

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