Five Tips You can use to Secure Your Company’s Webpage on WordPress

Five Tips You can use to Secure Your Company’s Webpage on WordPress

Since its inception, WordPress has become one of the most famous content management platforms on the planet. It is also one of the most famous website for individual entrepreneurs and small businesses, which makes securing the data on your website all the more important.

Due to the increasing popularity of WordPress and the many websites that are a part of its service, a multitude of vicious cyber attacks have taken place. These attacks range from small pranks to mess with the developers and creators of the website or company to more malicious attacks. Sometimes they can actually end up with information that can prove to be very critical to your operation; so, in order for you to protect your company and its reputation, here are a few ways to protect the information on your website.

Use Complicated Passwords

Although this factor seems incredibly simplistic and somewhat childish, keeping a complicated password for your WordPress account can slow a hacker down or completely stop them from accessing your account. Try to use numbers and symbols in conjunction with letters. The numbers and symbols tend to make a password a lot harder to crack, as it adds a lot more variables to the overall mix.

Use an SSL certificate

Seeing how your company and WordPress are constantly keeping in contact by transferring data between servers hackers can take advantage. While this may seem safe at first, there is a possibility for hackers to intercept the data that you are sending, making the simple task of sending information to WordPress or receiving it, much more dangerous.

However, there is a way for you to properly send information without having to cost your company its competitive advantage, and that is through an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate acts like a VPN, but differs greatly from it. You can use a VPN to browse the internet through a secure channel, whereas on an SSL you transfer information between certain domains. An SSL certificate will greatly secure the information that you send to the server.

Use Two Factor Authentication

If you are the type of person who uses the internet a lot, you have probably heard of this phenomenon. Two factor authentications is one of the most effective ways to keep hackers at bay and away from your sensitive information. The two factor authentication is a very simple concept where you simply have to first enter your password, and later have to go through a second level of security. Depending on the plug-in that you use for your website, the second layer of security can range from another password to a proper retinal scan.


Hacking is one of the greatest fears for every young developer who sets out to make an online marketplace. Although there are many more ways for you to properly defend you information against cyber theft, the aforementioned tips are the most cost effective and require the least amount of time to implement.

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