How 4 Different Companies Used Our Responsive WooCommerce Theme ‘North’ To Showcase Their Products

How 4 Different Companies Used Our Responsive WooCommerce Theme ‘North’ To Showcase Their Products

The only thing more satisfying than making an amazing WordPress theme is watching companies around the world showcase their products and bring their websites to life using that same theme. So you can imagine how excited we become when we receive an email from someone who has purchased one of our themes and is keen to show off their stunning new website.

Such is the case with our North theme. When we look through our showcase of satisfied customers bringing our North theme to life, two things stood out to us immediately. Firstly, we noticed what a diverse range of websites North has successfully been used on. 

Secondly, we noticed just how much the North theme has highlighted our customers’ products and showcased their offerings for the world to see.

About North Theme

North is a responsive woocommerce WordPress theme that comes bundled with all the e-commerce plug-ins you could need to build an online store out-of-the-box. Integrated with page builder, North allows for easy drag-and-drop content creation and editing, allowing business owners to concentrate on building their business rather than learning complicated coding languages or spending valuable money hiring web developers to build their site for them.

North also includes an enormous variety of sample content (view our live previews to get a better idea of the ways in which you can customize your website using North). Even better, this sample content can be imported with the click of a button, pre-populating your website to look the same as your choice of any of our sample North website setups. Now you can build your website based on one of our samples, without having to build anything from scratch. North is completely responsive to any browser, screen size, and device type, allowing for a seamless transition between mobile and desktop use.

At Fuel Themes, we want to reach a global audience. That’s why we have included full localization support in our North WordPress theme, allowing for quick and easy translation into any language and full compatibility with all major translation plug-ins. When you look through our showcase of satisfied customers already bringing the North WordPress theme to life through their website, you will see websites originating from countries all over the world. These sites can easily be translated into any language with the click of a button, encouraging the true globalization of trade and ideas.

North In Action

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing businesses around the world who have integrated the North WordPress theme into their website to help showcase their products and bring their ideas to life.

Mobile Phone Cases for iPhones, Samsung, and Huawei

Caseome sells cell phone cases for the majority of popular types and brands of cell phones. Their homepage features an eye-catching top banner advertising free worldwide shipping, followed by several sections informing potential customers of the most pertinent information about the business, including the types of cell phone cases they deal in and their returns policy. Below the fold, various cell phone cases are featured, tagged as ‘Popular’ and ‘On Sale’. 

Further down, the company’s selection of customizable cell phone cases brings everyone’s imagination to life.

The Shop page allows for various sorting options, as well as product filtering – all inbuilt e-commerce plug-ins that are enough to set a professional e-commerce website apart from their mediocre competition.

Unique Jewelry

Unadorned Design sells stunning signature jewelry pieces. This website is the perfect showcase of North’s snap to scroll feature. With each scroll using a finger, pointer, or mouse, a gorgeous new display appears, perfectly snapping to fit the available screen size. By casually scrolling through the website’s homepage, customers can view Unadorned’s stunning collection of unique, bespoke signature jewelry pieces.

Each jewelry piece has its own product page, featuring a slideshow of product images and in-situ photography featuring models. Customers can effortlessly swipe through the various product images or can click on a particular thumbnail of interest to bring up the full-sized version of that image.

Simplistic and Stylish Swimsuits

Hollow the Label is a minimalistic brand of swimwear, focusing on ethically sourcing their materials. As the user scrolls down through the website’s homepage, some of the most popular product styles are showcased, including the classic triangle bikini, activewear, and swimwear designed specifically for tanning. 

Interestingly, further down the homepage, customers have the opportunity to filter products by color, ensuring that they are only shown products that match their specific style and taste. 

Text boxes have been cleverly used to allow the company to explain the inspiration behind their signature pieces and the ethical philosophies underlying their brand.

The website features Instagram integration towards the bottom of the homepage, allowing website visitors to interact with the brand’s Instagram page in a separate window simultaneously while shopping at their online store.

Mind-Blowing Fashion Studio

Wearsisters is a boutique fashion studio, and their work is simply stunning. This is an example of a website utilizing the North WordPress theme to sell fashion products. The homepage features the lookbook variation to perfectly showcase some of the captivating fashion products.


Now that you’ve seen some real-life examples of our responsive e-commerce WordPress theme North, you may be interested in viewing some of the live previews available, which show the full range of functionality North has been built to offer. And when you’re ready to bring your products alive and create your own stunning website built on the North WordPress theme, click here to find out more and purchase the North WordPress theme today.

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