5 Companies Living Their Best Life With The Visually Stunning WerkStatt Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

5 Companies Living Their Best Life With The Visually Stunning WerkStatt Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

When you’re ready to showcase your portfolio to your customers, potential clients, and the world at large, you need a website that can take your creative offerings and bring them into the light. Your website needs to take your visitors by the hand and lead them through your work in a logical sequence, with seamless transitions and smooth animations. For a creative portfolio, nothing can compare with a WordPress installation and specially designed creative portfolio WordPress theme like WerkStatt.

Read on to find out how WerkStatt can help you showcase your creative work, and learn a little more about five amazing and innovative companies who have successfully used the WerkStatt creative portfolio WordPress theme to bring their websites to life.

Experience The Flexibility And Smooth Good Looks Of The WerkStatt Theme

When you choose the WerkStatt creative portfolio WordPress theme, you can look forward to the following features and advantages:

  • Design, create, and edit every element of your website without hiring a professional coder or learning any coding language yourself. The intuitive page builder built into every Fuel Themes WordPress theme allows for simple drag-and-drop content creation and editing. If you have basic Microsoft Word skills, you can easily create, edit, and maintain your own website.
  • If you’ve ever purchased a WordPress theme in the past, you may be familiar with themes that showcase full functionality in their live demos, yet appear as little more than a barebones skeleton upon installation – leaving you to try to recreate the demo that you liked so much. Fuel Themes prides itself on allowing full import functionality with just one click from any of our demo variations. Once you’ve decided on the particular demo that best suits your needs, you can easily import every element from the demo into your own installation, making it a simple task of editing and customizing the existing content to suit your needs. There are no hidden costs or extra charges for PSD and raw design files.

Every Fuel Themes Premium WordPress theme, including WerkStatt, includes full localization support. 

  • Now you can use the power of most translation plug-ins, including the all-powerful Google translate, to give your web visitors the option to automatically translate and localize the content on your website into their local language.
  • We build our themes with search engines in mind, and the WerkStatt WordPress theme is no exception. With full support for most major SEO plug-ins, including Yoast, all the hard search engine optimization work has already been done for you.
  • Today’s web users are increasingly using tablets, cell phones, and other mobile devices to do a large proportion of their web browsing. The WerkStatt creative portfolio WordPress theme is fully responsive and specially designed to be perfectly displayed on any mobile device or screen resolution size.

Branding Agency ‘Marka Network

Based in Turkey, Marka Network is a branding agency that works with start-ups and established brands around the globe. Making good use of the inbuilt localization and translation support, Marka Network has used the WerkStatt creative portfolio WordPress theme to reach out to and connect with current and potential clients around the world. 

Offering brand and packaging design services, logo development, and social media marketing, Marka Network’s website is clean, fluid, and displays beautifully on screens of any size or resolution.

Women’s Networking Hub ‘Her Career

A development and networking hub for female intrapreneurs, Her Career has chosen the WerkStatt WordPress theme to reach out to successful women around the world. Aiming to work with 1 million women by the year 2025, Her Career as a hub focused on mentorship, celebration, and female empowerment. 

Reaching out to potential mentees and mentors while offering a range of online courses and networking opportunities, this beautifully designed and highly fluid website is easy to navigate and enjoyable to explore.

Financial Services Content Marketing Company ‘Editions Financial

A highly niche business, Editions Financial caters to financial brands around the globe, offering content marketing solutions to help financial brands build relationships and connect with their audiences. Unlike the other websites in this showcase, Editions Financial has chosen a blog centered approach to its homepage design. A minimalistic version of the WerkStatt WordPress theme, the website is uncluttered and simple to navigate.

Bathroom And Kitchen Craftspeople ‘Zaninelli

The Zaninelli family in Italy has crafted bespoke bathrooms and kitchens from wood and stone for more than 50 years, but today’s generation of this iconic family of craftspeople now has the benefit of a simply stunning company website based on the WerkStatt creative portfolio WordPress theme. The perfect way to showcase their craft, the website relies heavily on high-quality imagery of the local area from which the raw materials are sourced, along with previous clients and projects completed.  

Digital Marketing Agency ‘Sproutbox

Sproutbox is a digital marketing agency based in Oregon in the United States. Offering full-service solutions including photography, content and social media marketing, video creation and marketing, branding, messaging, and advertising, Sproutbox aims to reach out to clients both locally and further abroad. Sproutbox has beautifully utilized the WerkStatt WordPress theme to explain its offerings and showcase its impressive existing customer base and five-star Google reviews.


Now that you’ve seen how the WerkStatt Creative Portfolio WordPress theme has been successfully used by companies all over the world and in every conceivable niche, it’s time to check out the WerkStatt live demo. Here, you’ll see WerkStatt in action, and you can browse through and get to know some of the amazing features this theme has to offer. When you’ve decided that you like what you see and you’re ready to start building your own site with WerkStatt, click through to buy the WerkStatt theme and start the process of creating your own presence on the web.If you have any questions or would like any additional information about WerkStatt or any of the other themes offered by Fuel Themes (or you’d like us to showcase your WerkStatt-based website in our showcase) feel free to contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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