They’re Stylish, Sleek, And Buttery Smooth: The 6 Companies Putting “The Issue” Magazine WordPress Theme To Good Use

They’re Stylish, Sleek, And Buttery Smooth: The 6 Companies Putting “The Issue” Magazine WordPress Theme To Good Use

When you’re looking to create a blog or magazine-style website, you need a WordPress theme that has been specifically designed to give you the sleek, stylish good looks your content deserves. That’s what the team at Fuel Themes had in mind when they created The Issue, their stylish and professional magazine and blog-style WordPress theme. And as you see, the following six companies knew exactly what they were looking for when they chose The Issue as the theme of their WordPress website. Although these businesses exist in very different niches and offer a wide variety of unique content, they’ve got one very important thing in common: their websites are stylish, sleek, and a pleasure to view. 

Read on to find out more about the magazine and blog-style WordPress theme The Issue, and to see how six different companies have used this niche WordPress theme to bring their websites to life.

Get To Know The Flexible Magazine Features “The Issue” Has To Offer

When you choose The Issue for your blog or magazine-style website, you can enjoy the following features, plus so much more:

  • Choose between light and dark modes, enabling heightened readability with darker background colors, or leave the choice up to your readers and allow them to easily toggle between light and dark modes with the flick of a switch.

All elements showcased in our live demo are interchangeable and easily imported into your own website once you’ve made the decision to purchase The Issue. Easily import complete sections from the section template post editor within WordPress. 

  • From there, you can add your content without having to style the section itself.
  • Enjoy more than 8000 variations to post layouts, made from combining more than 50 elements with a variety of layout variations and styles. No matter what look you’re trying to achieve, you can create it with a few simple clicks within your WordPress back-end.
  • Full-featured social integrations make sharing your content easy and enjoyable for your readers.
  • Make your choice between 10 different header layouts, including social icons, subscription boxes, navigation menus, and a variety of color options. Mix-and-match to create a header layout that perfectly suits your website.
  • No magazine or blog WordPress theme would be complete without custom widgets, and The Issue won’t let you down in this regard. With more than 10 custom widgets uniquely designed to suit magazine-style websites, you’ll never need to look elsewhere again.
  • When you need to display high-quality images in a gallery, the lightbox gallery feature within The Issue will be just what you’re looking for. Choose from light and dark color variations to complement the styling of your images.
  • If your magazine will include listicles and countdown style posts, our smart list styling will help you create beautifully ordered content that is a pleasure to read.

Reviews are vital for any website, and magazine blog-style websites are no exception. 

  • The Issue comes complete with two different review styles to allow you to showcase your positive reviews for the world to see.

If you’re looking to monetize your website with sponsored posts or display advertisements, The Issue is completely set up and ready to go. Display advertisements, including full AdSense integration, can be incorporated with the click of a button. Meanwhile, sponsored posts allow you to monetize your traffic, giving you access to fresh, unique content for your site while also bringing in a tidy profit. 

  • Monetization via video posts is also made simple with our unique video monetization integration.
  • Never again worry about GDPR compliance, as The Issue includes consent checkboxes and cookie banners as required by law.
  • Lazy loading images and infinite loading articles are the way to keep your readers scrolling, maximizing the time spent on each of your pages. Both of these elements come standard with every installation of The Issue

Women’s Empowerment Art Media Platform “Art She Says”

Art She Says is a New York City-based media platform for women who consider themselves entrepreneurs in the art industry. With a unique and highly tailored mix of reviews, interviews, and art market trend news, this website caters to female leaders in the area of contemporary culture and art.

Music Magazine “One Song”

One Song is an online music magazine that continues to help upcoming musicians to go viral and finally begin to flourish in their chosen craft. Music enthusiasts meet talented newcomers in all music measures, from beatboxing to classic rock, percussion, vocals, and guitar, to as left field as psychedelic trances. With something for every music enthusiast or musician, One Song is the place to meet for all things music.

Business Relationship Publication “8 Conversation”

No business relationship can survive without effective communication, and this is where 8 Conversation comes in. A unique blog focused on mutually beneficial business relationships based on effective communication, 8 Conversation is a unique source for anyone wanting to know how to better understand and be understood in the world of business.

Young Professional Magazine “The Footnotes”

For those people just finishing school and not sure where to turn next, The Footnotes may be the logical next step. With a focus on travel, internships, employment, and figuring out your life purpose, The Footnotes focuses on helping young graduates become the best version of themselves.

Lifestyle And Travel Blog “The Cosmopolitan Man”

Kyle Legg is the creator and frontrunner of The Cosmopolitan Man, a travel and personal lifestyle blog that follows Kyle’s personal and professional adventures throughout the San Francisco area.

Women’s Digital Publication “PAUSE Her”

Aimed at women who enjoy styling both masculine and feminine products to achieve a unique boundary-defying aesthetic, PAUSE Her zeros in on the latest styles of streetwear, sneakers, designer bags, and luxury fashion items.


Now that you have seen how these impressive businesses have put The Issue to work when creating their own stylish and professional websites, head on over to the live demo of The Issue to check out some other styling options available to you. Remember, when you purchase The Issue, you’ll enjoy full access to all of the different elements and styles contained within the live demos. Rather than having to create a website from scratch, you can simply import your choice of demo content and then edit and tweak it to suit your needs. Click here to find out more about our magazine and blog-style WordPress theme The Issue, or click here to buy The Issue now.

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