Check Out The Early Adopters Making The Most Of Our New WooCommerce WordPress Theme: PeakShops

Check Out The Early Adopters Making The Most Of Our New WooCommerce WordPress Theme: PeakShops

The latest theme to join the FuelThemes selection of WordPress themes, PeakShops was introduced earlier this year. Since then, the team at FuelThemes has watched as early adopters took up the challenge of creating their websites based on the PeakShops themes – and the results have been impressive.

Specifically coded to incorporate lightning-fast WooCommerce integration, PeakShops is the WordPress theme of choice for businesses looking to create a snappy, fast-loading, and easy-to-navigate online store. While other themes focus on enhanced gallery layouts or providing a well-rounded set of layouts to suit any website, PeakShops was created with one niche in mind: the online store.

Read on to find out the benefits of PeakShops and how you can use this specially designed WooCommerce WordPress theme to create the online store you’ve always dreamed of.

Explore The Cutting-Edge Features PeakShops Has To Offer

Designed With WooCommerce In Mind

PeakShops is no all-purpose WordPress theme – it’s been specifically created and coded as a lightning-fast eCommerce theme. There’s no need to worry about additional WooCommerce integrations or added costs: everything you need to launch your own online store is included out of the box.

Let Page Builder Do The Work For You

Page Builder is one of the greatest innovations to hit WordPress stores in many years, and – like all of the WordPress themes offered by FuelThemes – it is fully integrated into our PeakShops theme. Now you can create the website you’ve always wanted by clicking, dragging, and dropping the perfect elements in exactly the right locations to suit you. Never again will you need to learn a coding language or hire a WordPress-experienced freelancer to help create your site. The power is yours to create the site you want in real-time without any specialized know-how.

Simple And Straightforward Demo Content Importing

If you’re like most website owners, you’ve had the unfortunate experience of purchasing a WordPress theme in the past based on an amazing demo site that looked and behaved exactly the way you envisaged your new website would. But when you installed the theme, you found little more than a bare-bones template that you were expected to populate with your own content. Luckily, at FuelThemes those days are over. If you head over to our live PeakShops demos you can browse through a wide selection of live demo sites, with niches ranging from fashion boutiques to organic food markets, furniture and cosmetics stores, electronics, auto equipment, babies and children’s stores, and so much more. Once you’ve found the demo that best suits your vision for your website, you can import the full set of demo content into your new store with no hidden costs or difficult coding. Never again will you need to build a store from the ground up when you can import a fully functioning demo store and tweak it to suit your needs. Raw design files are included for every demo and every customization you can think of, allowing for simple tweaking to create the website you’ve always wanted.

Change Between Demo Styles As Needed

Once you’ve chosen the Peak Shops demo from which to build your store, you’re not constrained to that choice. Easily change between different website styles by importing various demos as needed, as many times as you like.

Full Responsivity, No Exceptions

Today, more and more people view websites and make purchases from online stores using mobile devices, including cell phones and tablets. With the attention span of the mobile user ever decreasing, any website that doesn’t display perfectly on a mobile device will quickly be closed and a competitor visited instead. The PeakShops theme has been specifically coded to provide full responsivity – regardless of device, screen size, or browser. This means that your website will resize and reconfigure itself to display perfectly, no matter which device or browser is being used to access it. In addition, the PeakShops is Retina-ready – offering crisp lines and bold colors on high-density screens including the latest OSX and iOS devices. 

Full Social Media And SEO Functionality Out Of The Box

When your website’s visitors see something they like, often their first instinct is to share it with their friends. The PeakShops theme includes full social media integrations out of the box, allowing for one-click sharing and upvoting. Similarly, the PeakShops theme has been created with search engine optimization in mind, ensuring that all your favorite SEO WordPress plugins like Yoast are fully supported. Each page is optimized, and every post is created with SEO best practices in mind.

Children’s Products Comparison Website Bopo

Bopo lists thousands of children’s products on its website, but it is not an online store. Instead, it markets itself as a comparison website and search engine, aiming to help parents choose between numerous options on the market when deciding on the best products to suit their children’s needs. In addition to product comparison features, Bopo collates offers and special deals from online stores and presents them to their viewers, while also offering advice and opinions in the magazine section. Based largely on the Baby Store Peak Shops WordPress fully functioning demo, Bopo’s clean layout makes finding the relevant information and the right products easy.

Home Appliance Store Cuisine Pro Savoie

Offering a wide variety of professional-quality home appliances, France-based home appliance store Cuisine Pro Savoie have beautifully showcased their products on their website using the PeakShops WordPress theme. With carefully selected food and drink imagery interspersed among the high-quality product images, the website inspires enthusiastic home chefs to try new recipes and make use of the top-quality products offered in the online store. The store is based largely on the PeakShops ActiveWear full-functioning demo and stylishly utilizes a rotating banner above the fold in conjunction with an easy-to-navigate menu towards the bottom of the home page.


If you like what you see, click here to learn more details on the PeakShops Word Press theme, created specifically with e-commerce stores in mind. Browse through our live Peak Shops demos or go ahead and buy the PeakS hops theme now. Once you’ve created your own online store based on PeakShops, feel free to contact the friendly team at Fuel Themes to let us know and we’ll be happy to add your site to our PeakShops showcase.

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