Work Smart by Automating Your WooCommerce Store

Work Smart by Automating Your WooCommerce Store

Manually maintaining and managing an online store is never easy job. However, any successful online business reaches a point wherein it needs to automate certain functions in order to keep growing and succeeding. Thankfully, there are several ways to automate various facets of your store in today’s digital world. You can automate the marketing campaigns, shipping service integration, inventory management, promotional plans, CRM, and other tasks.

With a fully automated online store and by using the right resources, it will help you concentrate more on preparation and imagination, rather than on mundane day-to-day tasks. This change not only makes you happier, but it also helps you achieve even better results.

We’ll go over some of the best plugins for automating your WooCommerce store in this post. These plugins can assist you in a variety of ways and can be a valuable asset in reducing the burden of manual labor on your online shop.

WooCommerce Follow-ups

The daily follow-up emails that you need to send on your WooCommerce store are one of the most important things you can automate. Manually sending customized emails to various customers in your busy schedule is not worth it. By developing daily follow-up campaigns, WooCommerce Follow-ups plugin will help you connect and communicate with your customers. These campaigns will be focused on the consumers’ preferences as well as their buying history. The aim would be to increase customer loyalty and, as a result, increase the likelihood of repeat purchases.

WooCommerce Advanced Notifications

The WooCommerce Advanced Notifications extension allows you to configure order and stock notifications for users other than the admin. These can be used to alert employees and users of purchases, send stock notices to suppliers, and even send new orders to drop shippers. When you receive an order, you will want to notify other people in your supply chain. If your delivery and procurement teams could get real-time updates on orders placed on your site, they’d be better prepared. This WooCommerce Advanced Notifications plugin can assist you in automating this method by allowing you to customize stock and order updates for particular individuals.

Recommendation Engine

Cross-selling is a tried-and-true strategy for increasing the store’s average sale value. You can have automatic recommendations based on users’ page views, purchasing history, and items purchased together with the aid of this plugin. With this Recommendation Engine Plugin, you can create product recommendations based on the user’s product view and purchasing background, as well as show recommendations for items bought together. A widget is available to assist you in displaying suggestions.

E-commerce SEO by WordLift

In reality, Google receives over five billion searches every day. This equates to roughly 70 thousand searches per second. This is where the E-commerce SEO by WordLift plugin comes in handy. WordLift enhances the products’ visibility on Google’s retail page by adding organized data and expanded product markup. WordLift’s e-commerce SEO provides the ability to quickly create FAQ markup for your site, giving you yet another chance to get more pixels on Google’s search result pages. WordLift’s e-commerce SEO adds extra fields to the backend of your product page so you can better explain your products to semantic search engines like Google, making them more interesting and accessible to your audience.


If your online store has a reviews section, you could have a comment box where customers can leave feedback and interact with other site users. This is a fantastic way to increase user interaction and create an online community that engages in open dialogue. However, it also gives hackers, spammers, and internet trolls alike an opportunity to take advantage of your website and flood your comments section with inappropriate messages and links. For WordPress websites, Akismet does just that. It deletes any comments that tend to be spam or contain malicious links so you won’t have to hire someone to manually track comments and remove posts.

LiveChat for WooCommerce

LiveChat not only provides quick responses to customer questions via a live chat window, but it also has excellent lead management features. You’ll be able to gather active user information on your platform and communicate with them on sales leads in a constructive manner. LiveChat integrates seamlessly with a wide range of tools that you might use to manage e-commerce info. It also has a basic graphical user interface that makes it very easy to use. You can sign up for a 30-day free trial to learn more about the features.

Sales Analysis for WooCommerce

It’s not always easy doing a sales report if you’re using the built-in WooCommerce Reports. The features in WooCommerce Reports are just insufficient to deeply analyze your website’s overall performance. It’s fine if you evaluate the sales report on a monthly basis, but if you want to analyze consumer actions based on their onboarding behavior, you’ll need a better approach! Sales Analysis for WooCommerce enables you to turn your data into sales-oriented information, allowing you to develop a better understanding of your sales and marketing progress. Each report includes easy-to-understand graphs and pie charts. Along with the maps, the reports show relevant data in tabular form. Reports also allow you to export data for further processing outside of the system.

WooCommerce Checkout Addons

A WooCommerce store owner’s ability to offer a seamless checkout experience to customers is essential. With this WooCommerce Checkout Addons plugin, you’ll be able to automatically add additional fields for customer feedback to your checkout page. With this plugin, you can add fields to the checkout page that enable customers to select additional services. You can also let the options for add-ons be a paid item or not. Based on how consumers communicate with the field, you can also incorporate fixed-amount or percentage-based costs.

WooCommerce Smart Refunder

Manage your orders by automating your refund and transfer processes to keep your orders going and your customers updated. Since every consumer needs a fast refund procedure, 92 percent of customers will purchase from you again if they find requesting refunds on your online store fast and hassle-free. Customers can safely, and instantly request a refund from My Account using WooCommerce Smart Refunder plugin. Customers also receive immediate refunds if store owners opt-in and the payment portal supports it, without the need for you to manually process refunds.

Automation is extremely useful if you manage an e-commerce website because it standardizes content development and implements marketing, sales, and service techniques, saving the team countless hours of work. However, it is important that you choose the appropriate tools to automate time-consuming business processes, evaluate and maintain data, and increase sales and revenue. The tools and plugins listed above will surely assist you in a variety of management tasks and should be considered helpful in reducing the burden of manual labor on your online store.

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