10 Free Shopify Apps To Boost Your Online Store’s Sales

10 Free Shopify Apps To Boost Your Online Store’s Sales

Thousands of entrepreneurs use Shopify to sell things online. With the continuous demand to improve business operations and increase productivity, thousands of different applications are added to the Shopify app store every day.

The increasing amount of apps in the store may leave you perplexed and overwhelmed in your search for the right app, and the search results can leave you confused. Some are of excellent quality, while others are both effective and free which can save you a lot in your e-commerce website development cost.

These apps have piqued the interest of Shopify business owners since they allow them to create value and increase sales without spending anything. Below are some of the best free Shopify applications that help you promote your business, promote your goods, reward your shoppers, and manage inventory and shipping so you can make more money.

Candy Rack

Candy Rack is one of the top Shopify applications for upselling and cross-selling. Fact is, you are losing a lot of money if you don’t upsell or cross-sell to your consumers, and this app is perfectly built to add this feature to your online store.

Upsells are made available to customers using a non-intrusive popup that appears when they click the Add to Cart button on the product page. Each upsell or cross-sell appears as an add-on to the parent product in the popup, which adopts a tree structure.

Candy Rack has a number of added capabilities, such as real upsells, auto-upsells, and design or messaging customization, in addition to its unique method of offering upsells.

AfterShip Order Tracking and SMS

AfterShip, one of the leading Shopify order monitoring applications is used by 30,000 Shopify sellers to allow consumers to keep track of their orders seamlessly after they have been sent for delivery.

You may use AfterShip to design a custom tracking website that displays the most recent order status, track all shipments globally in one location, and send customer notifications about their purchases.

Messenger Channel

Messenger Channel is a Shopify app that connects to your online business and is completely free. You may use this to add a “message us” button to your online store, making it simple to communicate with your consumers in real-time.

Shoppers may also use your Messenger conversation to browse items and make purchases, and you can send automatic order updates.

Bulk Discounts

Bulk Discounts is a Shopify app that allows you to produce hundreds of unique discount coupons with only a few clicks. It allows you to create unique codes for one-time use, restricted usage, or infinite use.

You may create customized prefixes for each discount and track discount use while computing the conversation rate of these coupon sets with Bulk Discounts. You may remove discount sets and export them as plain text using the app.


With Oberlo, you are no longer required to worry about packaging or shipping. This app makes it simple to add hundreds of products to your Shopify store.

You can effortlessly import drop-ship items from AliExpress and Oberlo Marketplace using Oberlo. You can also set up inventory and price Auto-Updates to keep track of your inventories and product prices, as well as fulfill orders automatically to ship a product to a customer.

You’ll also be able to track your delivery with the integrated order tracking feature, use ePacket to pick items with the quickest delivery times, switch product suppliers depending on the cheapest pricing, and connect existing products on your site effortlessly.

Product Reviews

You may add basic product review sections for consumers to fill out if you have certain features like bulk filtering, exporting, importing, SEO-friendly review ratings, and more. This app enables you to include a customer review function in your items.

You may enhance client engagement with the assistance of this handy application and your conversions and revenues will increase as a result.You can also create theme-friendly designs that complement your website development and design using Product Reviews.

It also enables you to modify your website without coding, manage reviews fast with bulk operations like altering layouts, text, and color. It also has a feature that allows you to import and export your reviews as an Excel file.


PushEngage is a Shopify sales-boosting push notification application. To avoid cart abandonment, re-engage visitors while they’re on the site, and ultimately generate more traffic, you may send personalized alerts from your Shopify site. The best part is that PushEngage is really simple to set up.

You can simply inform your visitors when a product’s price drops, update users whenever the product is ready for sale, and send alerts to well-targeted groups for greater open rates using PushEngage.


Omnisend is an email and SMS marketing service. It gives you simple marketing solutions for your Shopify business that will help you improve sales while improving efficiency.

You can construct pre-built processes that run on autopilot using Omnisend. This enables you to keep driving sales even when you are not online.  By categorizing your audience, you will be able to enhance these procedures using structured contact lists. Finally, SMS may be used in conjunction with email marketing to boost conversions even more.

Simply put, Omnisend is an excellent email and SMS solution for busy Shopify entrepreneurs looking to increase revenue.

Plugin SEO

Plugin SEO is a tool that scans your online store for SEO issues. In this situation, the app evaluates your shop and decides whether or not there are any concerns with search engine optimization. Page names, headers, meta descriptions, site speed, blog post design, and content quality are all checked by the SEO plugin.

You may benefit from the better Multilingual SEO feature with sophisticated editing options and be informed when any errors are discovered by utilizing this app.

Smile Rewards and Loyalty

Loyalty programs may be a major pull for customers, whether they remain with your brand or not. Customers love the customized attention and benefits that come with these programs, as well as connecting with brands on a more intimate level.

You can use Smile Rewards and Loyalty to establish a loyalty program for your Shopify store, which will help you get more loyal consumers who will help you grow your business by making repeat purchases. Smile allows you to give out reward points for things like opening accounts, posting items on social media, and following your business.

These features are free, however, you have an option to upgrade to give your VIP clients extra benefits and have complete control over your rewards program. The monthly upgrade fee begins at $50.

Shopify has risen to become one of the most powerful platforms to easily set up an online store. Hosting more than 3,041,790 live websites as of writing, it has helped a lot of businesses establish their brand online. Shopify is fairly easy to set up and with the help of these apps mentioned above, you will be able to increase your conversion rates and boost your sales.

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