Most Popular Websites Around the Web That Use WordPress

WordPress is everywhere. Literally everywhere. It’s by far the most popular content system management in the world, with a market share of 58.6% among all CMSes. (Its closest competitor, Joomla, has 6.6%.) Think this is cool? It gets crazier: The same source claims that one in every four websites are built with WordPress!

From small-timer blogs to big corporate websites, you can find WordPress behind the scenes of a wide range of websites. In this post, we’re going to check out ten of the most popular websites built with WordPress.


popular websites powered by WordPress

Started off as a simple tech blog, TechCrunch became one of the most important resource of technology news, particularly around the Silicon Valley. Because they were powered by WordPress from the very beginning, TechCrunch’s WordPress theme has one of the steadiest designs in this roundup. Hats off to you, TechCrunch!

The New Yorker

popular websites powered by WordPress

The New Yorker is probably one of the oldest magazines in the history, yet it uses one of the newest, classiest software in the world: WordPress. They’re using their signutare typeface in their website, but the design looks a bit empty. Not clean, not simple… just empty.


popular websites powered by WordPress

Vogue is one of the most well-known fashion magazines in not just the US, but in the world. It has many country-specific editions, and Vogue’s website doesn’t fall behind either. And the WordPress theme made for Vogue is a perfect fit for a bold fashion magazine.

The Rolling Stones

popular websites powered by WordPress

Speaking of old-timers, The Rolling Stones is one of them! Not the magazine, the band that rocked more than three generations. It has the most striking color scheme, as you would expect from a rock band. And it looks like every single page has been art-directed, even though it isn’t. The colors hurt my eyes, but I can’t say that it looks bad. Weird.

Justin Bieber

popular websites powered by WordPress

Oh, Justin. All the teenage girls love you, and the rest of the world love to hate you. I want to dislike your website too, but your web designer(s) managed to build up a pretty darn good WordPress theme for you. You don’t need two homepages, though. Get yourself together, man!

Usain Bolt

popular websites powered by WordPress

The sassiest sportsmen of all times—and it looks good on him! And the website looks good as well: It has a full-screen slider with an original layout, a silver-weighted color scheme with background images, and lots of photos and text with pretty good whitespace. Not a fan of the masonry layout and the sidebar, though.

Kobe Bryant

popular websites powered by WordPress

One of the best players in NBA (off all times!), yet one of the worst designs for such a big celebrity. From the buggy search field to the gray-and-gray color scheme and a very bad use of boxy-layout, Kobe’s website doesn’t strike me as a good design, let alone be great, like him and his game.

James Bond

popular websites powered by WordPress

Speaking of greatness, let me drop your jaws by saying the most popular secret agent in the world uses the most popular content management system in the world! Having said that, it looks like 007’s web designer seems to have downloaded a free WordPress magazine theme in 2012 and edited it a little to be original—but it’s not. It could’ve been way better.


popular websites powered by WordPress

The Swedish government chose WordPress to make their country’s website with WordPress, how about that? While it could have been a lot prettier, it still resembles the famous Swedish sense of design. Hats of to you, Sweden!


popular websites powered by WordPress

Let’s move on from the Swedish design to the German engineering, with one of Germany’s most well-known brands in the world: Mercedes-Benz. The website has a dark color scheme which fits the brand’s dignity, and doesn’t look half bad. The homepage consists of a large slider and three needless carousels, but the rest of the website looks very classy. It could’ve been a bit easier to navigate, though.


Pretty cool, huh? All of these big brands and names use WordPress in their websites. And not just their blogs or sub-websites, their main websites are all built with WordPress. Some of them use VIP, and some of them host WordPress in their servers.

Do you know any other big shots like this that use WordPress in their main websites? Tell us what you know in the Comments section. And thanks for reading!

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