Best WordPress Blogging Themes in 2015 (so far)

Best WordPress Blogging Themes in 2015 (so far)

Developers already know about this, but newcomers to WordPress could be surprised with the fact that WordPress started out as a simple blogging tool, rather than the gigantic content management system–slash–application framework as it has become nowadays. It wasn’t even coded from scratch: WordPress was “forked” from another blogging software called “b2”, which hasn’t been updated for a couple of months back then. Long story short, WordPress was born in 2003, creating a huge success as a blogging software and as a community, and nobody could ever stop it since.

Today, in 2015, WordPress is still the number-one choice in blogging. In this post, we’re going to check out some new and quality WordPress blogging themes.

Invisi, from Themes Kingdom


Let’s start with a classic blog theme. If you’re in the WordPress community for more than five years, you might remember that themes like this one was ruling the theme shops and directories back in between 2010 and 2012. While the trends have changed, the design doesn’t look old and might come in handy in some types of blogs.

Beverly, from ThemeForest’s Wiloke

Beverly claims to be a “modern WordPress blog theme”, and it really has some original features (especially in the layouts). In the demo, we see three layout options: “standard”, “grid” and “list”. The standard layout seems to be looking really nice, but the other two have some issues with readability, though they look nice as well. Overall, it would be a nice choice.

Neptune, from ThemeForest’s Osetin


Hey, a theme for food bloggers! While the design in the demo looks a bit crowded, you can clean it out a little by going easy in the background images. Neptune has very nice, fun design features for more energetic types of blogs like food blogs or travel blogs, so it might be a good idea to try this one out for your blog.

Editor, from Array Themes


Array Themes has been known for their “simple and elegant” themes, and Editor is certainly one of them. It has a strong sense of clean design, yet the functionality isn’t spared from the theme. For the sake of simplicity, the sidebar has been tabbed to death, so to speak; but apart from that, it’s a really good theme for many kinds of bloggers. Loved the typographic features.

And The Voux, from Fuel Themes


Hey, that’s us!

The Voux is originally made for web magazines, but bloggers can use it for their blogs too, if they post frequently. It has lots of great design features and it’s easy to navigate through.

We also made a separate tutorial for the Voux named “Building an Eye-Catching Magazine With WordPress“. Check it out if you need more help on the theme.


They say don’t judge a book by the cover, but you can’t read the whole book to decide to buy it. While you can’t use WordPress themes to decide that you like it, you can check out the demo pages and see for yourself. In this article, I tried to cover a variety of choices, so chances are you didn’t like all of them and that’s OK. Hope you liked the Voux, though :).


Have you stumbled upon better (or different) blog themes for WordPress? Tell us in the Comment section below. And thanks for reading!

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