This Month in WordPress: February 2016

This Month in WordPress: February 2016

February was a slowish month in WordPress: There weren’t many news stories, opinion pieces, tutorials or other kinds of WordPress-related posts. But that doesn’t mean that February wasn’t a good month for WordPress: We had some very exciting news and debates.

So, let’s skip the introduction and get to the goods!

WordPress News Articles & Opinion Pieces

In his post titled “How the WordPress REST API is changing the way we tell stories“, Chris Hutchinson tells his story about how they used the REST API in the Times to create an innovative way to present news stories.

Just at the beginning of this month, WordPress version 4.4.2 has been released. It includes some important security fixes.

Nick Schäferhoff from Torque talks about the most successful WordPress businesses–20 of them, to be exact.

Jason Gowans, in his Medium article, talks about WordPress versus static site generators: “The Genius of WordPress (and why it’s doomed)

Ragnar Miljeteig from WP Daily Themes questions the path of WordPress in the year 2016.

SHOCKING NEWS: The REST API will not be included in version 4.5! Matt Mullenweg said the endpoints should be completed first, and apparently the dev team agrees. Sure.

Matt Medeiros of Matt Report argues that “WordPress is not easy“. Some solid arguments there.

Finally, a listicle from WPExplorer on the 10 biggest myths about WordPress. Seriously, stop it.

WordPress Plugins & Themes

In his article “Building A Social WebSite With BuddyPress” in CloudWays, Mustaasam Saleem talks about, well, building a social website with BuddyPress. A nice read.

This is more like a news story, but the TGM Plugin Activation library team released a custom TGMPA generator this month. Gotta say, this is one of my favorite WordPress tools of all time, and I’m glad that they released a generator.

The folks at Pressjitsu open-sourced their Redis-based caching plugin, with an obvious name: Redis Page Cache.

Speaking of open-sourcing internal plugins, 10up introduces us with their ElasticPress integration for WooCommerce. If you just want to download the plugin (and not read the announcement), here’s the link to the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Here’s a must-read for every theme author: “Selling themes yourself and on ThemeForest but with inconsistent licensing” from Richard Best of the WP and Legal Stuff blog.

Lastly, Torque has a list of 11 WordPress plugins for translations in multilingual websites. Harika!

WordPress Tutorials


I especially liked the tutorials this month. Also, I was pleasantly surprised of the diversity of the websites–the list of articles features 14 different websites.

Do you think I missed any important news or articles? Share them with us now in the Comments section below. And thanks for reading!

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