4 New, Attention-Grabbing and Free WordPress Plugins in 2016

4 New, Attention-Grabbing and Free WordPress Plugins in 2016

WordPress plugins are awesome. Without them, we won’t be able to extend our websites’ functionality at all. And that’s what makes WordPress so popular: Plugins (and themes, too) allow us to build a website from scratch or put each one on top of another to create something new, and original.

In today’s post, I’d like to share four of my newest favorite plugins. Keep in mind that these aren’t for everyone, but it’s just for you if you need it!

Easy Updates Manager: Fine-Tune Your Theme, Plugin and Core Updates

WordPress updates its core every time a “minor update” is released. (Minor updates are those who change the third number of the version, like 4.5.2.) But it doesn’t automatically update themes, plugins or core when a major update is released, because those updates might change the behavior of your website and you might want to be present right after the update.

But if you’re certain that some of your plugins, or your theme, or any major update won’t change the form or function of your website, you can use the “Easy Updates Manager” plugin to control which themes, plugins you want to be updated automatically, and you can enable automatic major core updates.

Timber: A Different Way to Make Themes

Even if we enjoy making themes, the process of theme development is a weak link of WordPress, as a software. We can’t always use the DRY (“don’t repeat yourself”) approach, we have to be extremely careful with the Loop, and updating theme code might be a hell sometimes.

That’s when “template engines” comes in handy, and Timber does exactly that: It utilizes the Twig TE and lets us use it for developing WordPress themes. I have to say, I wish that this was the norm. Maybe some day in the future, we might see this (or some other template engine) to be integrated in the core.

Warning: It’s an “advanced” plugin, targeted for theme developers that know what they’re doing. So, be extra careful when you use this plugin. But don’t worry, you won’t break your website in any way.

Vulnerable Plugin Checker: Take Control of Your Plugin Security

This one’s name actually explains itself: Vulnerable Plugin Checker checks for vulnerable plugins in your website. It utilizes WPScan‘s API to check for security flaws manually or automatically, and even emails you results (optionally).

It’s a relatively new plugin, but it does the job pretty well. Be sure to try it out.

InTrigger: Always Free Conversion & Lead Generation Magnet

If you care about your conversions, and you should care about your conversions, you should give InTrigger a shot.

Apart from being completely free, what I like about InTrigger the most is that it doesn’t fill your code with nonsense JavaScript and excessive CSS. As another “newbie” plugin, it certainly has a lot to improve; but it shows promise. I’m definitely installing this on my personal website, that’s for sure.


I check the plugin directory and other WordPress blogs every day, to find new and useful resources. These free WordPress plugins are some of the many tools I’ve found in 2016. Hope you like them as well!

Do you have anything to add to this article–another great free plugin maybe? Share your comments with us in the Comments section below. And as always, thanks for reading!

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