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A/B Testing For WordPress Sites

When people look at the success of a website, one of the first metrics they consider is the number of…

WordPress SEO Plugins Compared – Yoast vs All In One SEO pack

Somewhat embarrassingly, it wasn’t too many years ago that SEO consisted of ridiculous levels of keyword stuffing and bulk backlink…

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Essential WordPress Plug-Ins

For many people, one of the many drawcards of creating a WordPress website rather than using a competing platform is…

WordPress Pinterest

WordPress and Pinterest – Working Together

For the visually minded among us, Pinterest is a source of happiness and inspiration.  From humble beginnings, Pinterest has grown…

WordPress PodCast Plugins

Where WordPress and Podcasts Collide

Remember back in the 90s when WordPress was primarily used as a type of online diary for people just starting…

Pressing for Responsiveness: Creating a Mobile-Friendly WordPress Site

Are you reading this on a mobile phone or other device? If you’re not, you’re actually in the minority. According…

WordPress Speed

WordPress Caching: What It Is and the Best Plugins to Work With

In this article, I’m going to talk about caching in WordPress and review some of the most popular WordPress caching plugins.

Managing a Magazine with Multiple Authors in WordPress

Managing multiple authors could be a pain, sometimes. Thanks to WordPress, though, we can make it easier with plugins and some theme features. Let’s take a look.