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Tools to Publish from Outside the WordPress Admin

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From time to time, you (or your clients) may need to get off the WordPress administration panel, and write into your blog from somewhere else. Funny thing is, most people don’t know they can write into their WordPress websites with another tool or service. That’s why I decided to round up some of the most popular publishing tools for you today.

Without any further introduction, let’s get to it!

From Inside Your Browser

Jetpack & WordPress.com: For more than a while now, Jetpack users can publish new posts and pages (and do even more) in WordPress.com. All you have to do is install Jetpack in your WordPress website and connect it to WordPress.com. After that, you can simply open WordPress.com and start writing!

ScribeFire (Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera): An old, really old extension for major browsers (except, of course, Internet Explorer). It uses the XML-RPC method to connect to your website and requires your website’s credentials. But hey, it works. (Also, check out my note in the conclusion.)

From Your Windows PC

Jetpack & WordPress.com: WordPress.com offers desktop clients as well, how about that? Simply download and install the app in your Windows PC and you’re good to go. Of course, you’ll have to install Jetpack in your WordPress website and connect it to WordPress.com as well.

Microsoft Word and Windows Essentials: Did you know that Microsoft Word, this giant editor, also lets you connect to your WordPress blogs and publish on them? Crazy, right? It (and the Live Writer in the Windows Essentials package) uses the XML-RPC protocol (like ScribeFire) to connect to your websites, though.

From Your Mac PC

Jetpack & WordPress.com: Yes, the WordPress.com desktop client also supports Macs. Again, you’ll have to install Jetpack and connect it to WordPress.com before (or after) installing this software.

Ecto: Another Mac app I could find was Ecto. It supports many, many blogging platforms and WordPress is (naturally) one of them. The UI looks a bit old, but testimonials point out that it’s really easy to publish new posts. It’s also a paid app but hey, what isn’t?

From Your Mobile Phones

Sadly, there are few to none options for writing into WordPress from smartphones. The only two apps I can think of is WordPress for Android and WordPress for iOS.

Yup, that’s all.


Let’s end this article with a happy prophecy: We’ll most likely see more of these tools soon, with the rise of the WordPress REST API. With the API, developers will be able to release more and more WordPress managers which will have the option to write new blog posts and pages. Those new managers could be released in forms of web applications, mobile apps, desktop software or browser extensions.

What do you think about these tools and services? Tell us what you think in the Comments section below. And, as always, thanks for reading!


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