Managing a Magazine with Multiple Authors in WordPress

Managing a Magazine with Multiple Authors in WordPress

Magazines are fun. They’re the bread and the butter of the world of online content. And owning one could be a lucrative business, if you take the right steps.

Yet, managing multiple authors could be a pain, sometimes. Thanks to WordPress, though, we can make it easier with plugins and some theme features. Let’s take a look.

What You Need to Run an Online Magazine Business

Good web magazines aren’t products of coincidence–they’re built strong, designed well and managed with care. Here’s a few features of a quality online magazine business:

They’re Built With a Good CMS

A good online magazine is built with a quality content management system–namely, WordPress. WordPress has built-in features that make running a web magazine with ease:

  • Custom post types: You can create as many custom post types as you wish, in addition to the default post types (post, page and attachment). This makes it easy for magazines to differentiate news, reviews, articles and interviews.
  • User roles and capabilities: With WordPress, you can manage users with as many “roles” as you wish. Along with editors and authors which are built-in to the CMS, you can create different types of users that has specific capabilities.
  • Plugins and themes: WordPress, being the most popular CMS in the world, lets you extend your website in any way you want by utilizing plugins (for functionality) and themes (for visuality).

They’re Easy On the Eye

A well-known web magazine has well-designed pages so visitors can read the content without getting eye cramps. And we don’t want to brag, but we have a couple of well-designed WordPress themes available for you to make use of:

  • GoodLife: Our newest theme, and if I may, one of our best work. Whether you want to publish a comprehensive online newspaper, a gaming magazine or a fashion blog, GoodLife’s got you covered. We’ve put together a couple of demos, don’t forget to check ’em out.
  • The Voux: Our best-selling theme of all times (for now), The Voux is another great option for you if you’re looking for an stylish, elegant taste of web design. The use of serif fonts make this theme a great choice, if you’re looking for a strong taste in typography.
  • Skillful: If you want to create a website with a magazine and pages to showcase your corporate work, Skillful might be a good choice for you. Being a “multi-purpose” theme, Skillful has more features for you to utilize including WooCommerce support, different layouts, and search engine optimization.

They’re Functional for the Authors

As we’ve mentioned in the beginning, managing multiple authors might be a hard job. Thanks to WordPress, though, we can make it easier with plugins that introduce different features to our workflow in WordPress.

  • Edit Flow: A complete set of tools to create an editorial calendar in your WordPress magazine.
  • User Role Editor: We’ve mentioned the feature of “user roles” above, but you need a plugin to create new user roles and fine-tune capabilities. This plugin lets you do exactly that.
  • Restrict Author Posting: Have authors for different categories? This plugin lets you restrict users to post to categories that they aren’t assigned to.
  • Co-Authors Plus: This is my favorite plugin among this list, and it lets you write articles together.
  • User Submitted Posts: This simple plugin lets visitors send posts from the front-end without the need for them to register as a user.


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