Where WordPress and Podcasts Collide

Where WordPress and Podcasts Collide

Remember back in the 90s when WordPress was primarily used as a type of online diary for people just starting to discover the Internet?  The first podcasts (originally called audioblogs) were quite similar in content to the first WordPress sites, but (thankfully) all that has changed in recent years.  Today, podcasts have become the medium of choice for people facing a long daily commute or who otherwise prefer to consume content aurally.

No longer the inane ramblings of the early audioblogs, today’s podcasts are professional, radio-quality publications offering a wealth of information.

Why Listen to a Podcast About WordPress?

One aspect of podcasts that differentiates them from traditional radio is how finely specialized they can be.  You’d never expect to find a radio station that solely discusses a particular TV show, whereas the role of most podcasts is to deliver highly-focused content on niche topic areas to laser-focused target audiences.

If you work with WordPress websites on a daily basis, are considering starting your own website, or just want to learn more about the extensive world of WordPress, listening to a podcast is an excellent way of learning new WordPress tips and tricks from WordPress experts.

Top WordPress Podcasts To Try

If you’re ready to give a WordPress podcast a try, this brief list should give you a good starting point.  If you find you don’t enjoy the first podcast you listen to, it’s worth trying another before giving up on the medium completely.  Different podcasters have different styles, and it may take a little trial and error for you to find your home in the world of podcasts.


Hosted by Jason Tucker, WPwatercooler offers a light-hearted look at how the WordPress platform is being integrated into people’s everyday lives.  With an upbeat, inspirational tone, this podcast focuses on the real-world applications of the online world of WordPress.

Kitchen Sink WP

This podcast manages to cater to a variety of needs and experience levels, seamlessly switching between information for WordPress beginners to more detailed, technical information like new updates and mobile WordPress themes.

The WP Crowd

Taking on a problem-solving style, The WP Crowd caters primarily to developers rather than WordPress end users.  Each episode looks at one major developmental problem and consults with a variety of experts on how best to fix the issue.

High Resolution

While not specifically a WordPress podcast, High Resolution is all about design.  Boasting a seriously impressive list of former and future guest stars, High Resolution will throw new light on WordPress design best practices.

WordPress Weekly

WordPress Weekly looks at the business side of WordPress, focusing on building a brand based on the WordPress platform.  Headed up by a marketing expert and WordPress expert duo, this podcast looks at business development, leadership, and brand building.

BobWP WordPress eCommerce Podcast

If you run an online store based on the WordPress platform, this broadcast should be your first port of call.  Covering everything from brand building to free WooCommerce extensions, you’ll learn from people who have gone before you to create wildly successful online e-commerce businesses.


If you’re looking for a way to make the most of your daily commute or listen to something other than the top 40 hits while working out or doing your household chores, consider one of the above WordPress podcasts.  Even if you just pick up one new WordPress tip or find out about free WordPress plug-ins and tools, it will have been time well spent.

To find out more about WordPress podcasts, the premium WordPress themes we offer, or WordPress in general, feel free to contact us today.  We’d love to hear from you.

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