Introducing PeakShops: A Lightning-Fast WooCommerce Theme

Introducing PeakShops: A Lightning-Fast WooCommerce Theme

Cast your mind back 25 years ago and you may remember the early days of the Internet.  Back then, everything was a novelty, everything was exciting, and – perhaps the detail that sticks out most in your mind – everything was painfully slow.  Nobody cared about optimizing page-loading speed back then because everyone was on dial-up, everything loaded slowly, and it was considered normal to wait 14 hours to download one song from Limewire. 

Today, however, it’s a completely different story.  Dial-up is a thing of the past, everything is expected to appear immediately after a link is clicked or a search performed, and people get frustrated if their live stream video stops and buffers for a few seconds partway through.

Page-loading speed is of the utmost importance, and this is particularly so if you’re running an e-commerce store.  Plenty of studies have been conducted showing a very clear link between page-loading speed and sales, conversion rates, bounce rates, and SEO performance.  For every second that your potential website visitors have to wait for your site to load, more and more of them will leave your page in frustration.  Most of the people who leave will never come back.

If you’re running a WooCommerce WordPress store, you would know that WooCommerce is a beautifully created piece of software that doesn’t significantly contribute to page-loading speeds.  What does contribute, however, is the WordPress theme your site is built upon.  When you’re searching for a WordPress theme for your WooCommerce store, not only do you need something that’s going to load at a lightning-fast speed, you need a theme that has been built with WooCommerce in mind.  It becomes painfully obvious when WooCommerce has been added on to a WordPress theme at the last minute, and it becomes a delightfully easy browsing and shopping experience when you’re dealing with a WordPress site based on a theme built specifically for WooCommerce.

PeakShops: A Lightning-Fast WooCommerce Theme

Knowing that site loading speed is important for every website but absolutely crucial for e-commerce stores, the team at Fuel Themes has created PeakShops, a specially designed WordPress theme created to provide a lightning-fast user experience and to be set up by anyone, with no coding experience necessary.  Read on for some of the key features of PeakShops, or click here to view and interact with working demos of the theme in a number of environments.

Features Built for Beauty and Usability

  • PeakShops includes more than 150 prebuilt sections which can be used interchangeably on the various pages and posts of your site.  By simply clicking, dragging, and dropping, you can build your site by placing as many of the prebuilt sections as you like in whatever position you’d like them to appear.
  • With more than 50 elements and almost unlimited variations, you can create the homepage you’ve always wanted right within the PeakShops theme.  Forget about having to install third-party apps and plug-ins to achieve the look and functionality you’ve been wanting.
  • Product pages are enormously important in an e-commerce store, and now you can customize your product pages in any way you want.  Styling your own thumbnails, sidebars, colors, typography, and layouts is as simple as clicking and dragging the elements around until you’re completely happy with the look and feel of every product page.
  • No WooCommerce store would be complete without an integrated mailing list to keep your existing customers and interested thinkers up-to-date with your latest happenings. PeakShops includes full API integration with MailChimp, making it super simple to keep everybody updated.

Features Built for Speed

  • PeakShops has been designed with Google Page Speed Scores in mind while being specifically created to ensure a minimum Time To First Byte (TTFB) value right out of the box.
  • All of the magic takes place under the hood.  While the theme is constantly being improved and updated by the talented WordPress experts behind-the-scenes, you can concentrate on the front end of your shop and leave the underlying performance issues to the experts.
  • Designed with the future in mind, PeakShops has been built according to WordPress VIP Coding Standards to ensure compatibility with future versions of WooCommerce and WordPress.
  • Never again will you need to concern yourself with third-party plug-ins to optimize the speed score of your site.  Specially built to create a lightning-fast loading experience, running your e-commerce store on the PeakShops theme is the only consideration you need to make to ensure your store loads fast every time.
  • Gone are the days of using PHP to create the special elements that light up every site.  Instead, our WordPress experts use core actions and filters to make your site magical without slowing it down with buggy PHP.
  • PeakShops includes lazy load images by default, so you’ll never again need to install a third-party plug-in to speed up your WordPress site with lazy load.  

No matter how much time and effort you put into directing traffic to your WordPress e-commerce store, all of your efforts will be in vain if your site is not capable of converting visitors into customers.  There have been enough in-depth studies and test cases performed to conclusively prove that websites that load slowly will cause visitors to click away, click the back button, or navigate to another site.  When a visitor leaves your website, not only have you failed to convert them from a semi-interested browser to a paying customer, but you can almost guarantee that they will never come back.

Luckily, the task of converting visitors to customers is made so much easier when your store is built on a custom-designed WordPress theme like Peak Shops.  Built specifically to accommodate WooCommerce WordPress sites, PeakShop is lightning fast, easy to navigate, and from your customers’ point of view, makes shopping an easy and enjoyable process.  Never again will you need to lose customers due to their simple frustration of waiting for a website to load. 

And at only $39 for a regular license and no coding skills required, now is the time to invest in PeakShop for your next WordPress e-commerce store. Your purchase includes automatic updates for the life of the product, along with three months of full support where you will have access to the theme creators to get assistance with bugs and other issues, help with third-party assets, and to ask any questions that are on your mind.PeakShop is brought to you by the team at Fuel Themes.  If you have any questions, concerns, or queries about PeakShop or anything else WordPress related, feel free to contact us today.

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